Montag, 9. Mai 2016

KA1 Mobility Spain April 16 - Day 6

On the last day we were invited to the very nice and innovative primary school in Domeny (open learning system "4 corners").

Back in our partner school we hospitated more lessons (Global Scolar project,..)

... and were invited to meet the major of St.Gregori

In the afternoon the teachers' team prepared a traditional farewell lunch for us! Adeu Girona!

KA1 Mobility Spain April 16 - Day 5

On Monday, April 25th we first visited the primary school in St.Gregori (in Spain there are 6 years of primary school - until the age of 12!) and then had a meeting with Mar Perez at the Board of Education in Girona, where we learnt more about the Spanish schooling system. 

Back at the school, after a nice trip trough the valley (Vall de Llemena) ... 

... we organised an exciting Skype call with our 1b kids!

After more interesting lessons ...

 Technologies with "Scratch"

 Maths lesson with "GeoGebra"

This is how the breaks are organised :-)

 ...we met again for a final KA1 meeting.


Sonntag, 8. Mai 2016

KA1 Mobility Spain April 16 - Day 3+4

We used the weekend to explore possible trips for an Erasmus+ KA2 students' mobility:

Saturday, April 23rd: St. Jordi

 TGV Girona - Barcelona (38min)
 Park Guell

 La Sagrada Familia

 Cable Car from Harbour (Barceloneta) to Montjuic


The market hall


Sunday, April 24th:
Exploring the Costa Brava

Samstag, 7. Mai 2016

KA1 Mobility Spain April 16 - Day 2

On Friday, April 22nd the students of Institut Vall de Llemena celebrated "St. Jordi" with a theatre performance in the public entre "La Pineda.

The drama group

Happy St. Jordi!

  One day they will definitely be famous!

Friendly girls

Back in school we had a KA1 meeting, visited lessons and were introduced to the digital portfolio "e-transfolio" (students' blog).

After lunch in a traditional restaurant we went on an interesting sight seeing quiz tour with the students in Girona.
Ponte Pineda

Old town
Violin concert
at the Cathedral