Mittwoch, 22. November 2017

Childrens' rights workshop with TV

On Nov. 16th we were able to do an interesting workshop about childrens' rights.
Mrs. Schaffelhofer from "Netzwerk Kinderrechte", responsible for the UN childrens' rights convention in Austria did a lot of nice games and activities with us.

And the Austrian broadcasting station ORF joined us with a film crew to share some of our activities in the TV program for the international day of childrens' rights on Nov. 20th

The Krim on TV:

Behind the scenes:

Lawyer for asylum seekers visited the Erasmus group

Mrs. Schmid from Diakonie Austria, a young lawyer - specialized for asylum agenda - visited our Erasmus kids to talk about the asylum law in Austria and the situation of asylum seekers.

Dienstag, 31. Oktober 2017

"Together" Video workshop

"We are more than flags..."
"We are international - we are open minded"

These were our topics during the latest video workshop!
We were chosen to take part in the national "zeitimpuls" short film festival (spring 2018) and were able to do a 3 day video workshop with Elisabeth, Nell, Zoe and Walid from "zeitimpuls" for the Erasmus kids at our school.

We hope that the jury will like our film!

Meanwhile we would like to invite you to look behind the scenes...             



Montag, 25. September 2017

"The story of my family" - TRICKFILM Workshop

The Erasmus project group kids attended a very good Trickfilm workshop at the  
wienXtra Medienzentrum!

In groups they collected material (interviews, family trees, photos,...) about their families and their past and their home countries and then developed a storyboard for their trickfilm. With the help of Hannes from Medienzentrum and Laetitia from ZOOM kindermuseum the kids made wonderful short films with stop motion technique.

See more!

Behind the scenes ;-)

Erasmus project groups

We are so proud to be able to work with 30 very interested and active project kids from 2b and 3b!
We meet once a week - eighter on Monday or Thursday afternoon and have already a lot of  project activities planned!

Samstag, 24. Juni 2017

Erasmus+ Workshop week! More infos and pictures:

See our school website:

Erasmus+ Workshop Day 4

Visiting the Caritas Refugee home of our district - to help them decorate the kids room (with selfmade banners) and to clean up the play ground:

Timeline project: the 2b kids presenting the historical facts of the refugee crises of our century: